Alternative Name Ideas

Alternative Name Ideas

Welcome to our fragrant wonderland where we infuse a dash of whimsy into every scent we create! At Gateway Candle, we believe that a great fragrance deserves an equally enchanting name. So, join us on this aromatic adventure as we concoct charming alternatives for some of our best-selling fragrances. Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect moniker for your beloved candle or simply intrigued by the art of scent naming, prepare to embark on a delightful journey through a world of innovative and fun fragrance titles.

1. Almond Soufflé: Nutty Delight

2. AMAZING GRACE (W) by Philosophy®: Graceful Serenity

3. BABY GRACE (W) by PHILOSOPHY®: Baby's Breath

4. Banana Nut Bread: Tropical Toastiness

5. Blue Raspberry Candy: Berrylicious Bliss

6. Brown Sugar & Fig: Sweet Fig Symphony

7. Brown Sugar & Fig A: Figgy Elegance

8. Bux Roasted Coffee: Roastmaster's Delight

9. C-3 Wax: Candle Crafting Secret

10. Caramel: Buttery Bliss

11. CD Wicks 2 - 26: Wick Wonderland

12. Cherry Candy: Cherrylicious Temptation

13. Chocolate: Cocoa Dreamland

14. Coconut: Tropicoco Island

15. Cucumber Watermelon Citrus: Fresh Fusion Fiesta

16. Distressed Leather: Leathercraft Luxe

17. Dough Bowls: Bread Bowl Magic

18. Fresh Peach: Peachy Perfection

19. FRUIT LOOPS®: Cereal Sensation

20. Golden Wax 415: Golden Glow

21. Golden Wax 444: Wax Wizardry

22. Golden Wax 464: Magic Melt

23. Hazelnut Coffee: Nutty Brew Magic

24. Lemongrass & Sage: Citrus Sage Serenity

25. LOVE SPELL by Victoria Secret®: Love Elixir

26. Macintosh Apple: Apple Orchard Charm

27. Mango Tangerine: Tangy Mango Tango

28. Monkey Toots: Primate Playfulness

29. NECTARINE BLOSSOM & HONEY by Jo Malone: Jo's Honey Blossom

30. Orange Blossom Citrus: Citrus Blossom Burst

31. Patchouli Rose: Rosewood Reverie

32. PURE GRACE by Philosophy®: Graceful Purity

33. Salted Caramel: Caramel Seaside Salts

34. Strawberry Jam: Berry Jam Bonanza

35. Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper: Zesty Pepper Zing

These charming alternatives add a touch of fun and creativity to our beloved fragrances, making each one a unique olfactory experience. We invite you to explore our aromatic universe and perhaps discover a new favorite scent or name along the way. Join us in celebrating the magic of fragrance and stay tuned for more scented adventures right here at Gateway Candle!
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