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Island Dream

Island Dream

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Create your own tropical oasis with Island Dream Candle Oil. This fragrance oil combines the sweet aroma of pineapple and rose petals with the spiciness of peppery cilantro.

  • Peppery cilantro accents
  • Sweet pineapple and rose petals
  • Woody tonka, vanilla bean, heliotrope, and musk finish

Add this fragrance oil to your candle or soap making projects to create a relaxing island getaway in the comfort of your own home. With its unique blend of scents, Island Dream Candle Oil is perfect for those who love a tropical twist on traditional fragrances.

Create your own tropical paradise with Island Dream Candle Oil, perfect for candle and soap making.

  • Fragrance profile: Peppery cilantro with sweet pineapple and rose petals
  • Finish: Woody tonka, vanilla bean, and heliotrope musk
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